Arizona Medical Marijuana Program to Add Debilitating Medical Conditions

The Arizona Department of Health Services accepts petitions to add debilitating medical conditions to the list of conditions treated under the Medical Marijuana Program in January and July of each year (specific dates yet to be announced). Several of these petitions will go to public hearing.

For articles submitted as a part of these petitions, GO HERE.

If you would like to submit a petition, ADHS will accept them via US mail at the following address:

P.O. Box 19000
Phoenix, AZ 85005

Petitions must be complete, and include all components including:

  • A completed submittable cover sheet
  • Description of the symptoms, and physiological effects experienced by the individual suffering from the condition
  • Availability of conventional treatments that treat the medical condition
  • Summary of evidence that marijuana can provide therapeutic relief
  • Articles, scientific journals and reports of the results of research on the specific condition

After submitting your petition, ADHS will notify you within 30 days that your petition was received, and will then be initially reviewed.

With your petition you must prove:

The specified medical condition or treatment of the condition impairs the ability of the individual to accomplish activities of daily living. Marijuana usage provides a therapeutic benefit to an individual suffering from the condition or treatment of the medical condition. ADHS will either add the medical condition to the list of debilitating medical conditions or provide a written notice to you of a denial within 180 days.